A public-private initiative to end the cycle of homelessness.

On any given night, it is estimated that there are 10,000 Minnesotans who are homeless, including nearly 3,500 children with their parents.  The homelessness of any person or family is both a human tragedy and a community failure, resulting in the loss of human potential and public and private dollars. Heading Home Minnesota is the umbrella initiative for the many public and private efforts across the state to prevent and end homelessness.  We are a community of Minnesotans committed to ending homelessness by investing in proven and cost-effective strategies that promote individual and community success and provide a sound return on public and private investments.

New State Plan Released

New State Plan Released—Heading Home: Minnesota’s Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness

December 19, 2013
The Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness—composed of the commissioners from eleven state agencies and the Governor’s office—recently approved a new two-year statewide plan to prevent and end homelessness for all Minnesotans. 

Executive Summary (1.8 MB PDF)
Full Plan (2.4 MB PDF)
Recorded Webinar Session (35:17)

“I strongly believe all Minnesotans should have access to safe and stable housing and I am committed to the plan’s objectives and strategies.  Stable housing results in better educational outcomes for our children, a stronger workforce now and in the future, increased public safety, better health, reduced health care costs, and reduced disparities among communities.” –Governor Mark Dayton, State of Minnesota

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